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My Services


Are you in transition?  Or just feeling stuck?  Grief or Loss? Maybe you have a history of trauma, depression or anxiety? 

I have quite a range of client's working to know themselves better, alleviate symptoms and/or just hoping to become their best selves.  Wherever you are on your journey, help is available.  You don't have to "go it" alone!


As a therapist, I have been engaged with the community at large, and family systems more specifically.  We do not live in a vacuum!   Working with the family as a whole, to assist with issues of conflict and discourse is where the old fashioned "social worker" in me comes out.   I have taught parenting classes, and worked with adoption and post adoption families to support  issues of attachment, and an understanding of developmental models and stages, to better assist families in working from a place of empathy and connection.


People often bring to their current relationships all of their past baggage (both real and perceived) and generally over-personalize their loved one’s behaviors based on that past baggage. Therapy around interpersonal relationship issues starts with identifying what you are actually reacting to–the present, or the past–and learning to work through your personalization tendencies. You will learn to recognize distortions of thought so that you become skilled in acknowledging the early warning signs that those distortions are at risk of occurring. You will learn to improve your communication skills. You will learn to base your actions on your assertive rights, while allowing your loved one access to those same rights. You will learn to thoroughly enjoy your experience with your loved one in the moment, rather than living in the past. If you are attending couples counseling you will have the opportunity for practicing your newly learned skills with you partner in the context of your relationship, treating each other as effective collaborators rather than critical opponents.


As a clinician  I have had the honor of supervising both peers and interns spanning a decade.  My background with the National Council for Behavioral Health, National Alliance of Mental Illness  and my years of work as a clinician in community mental health facilities makes me uniquely qualified regarding assessment, diagnosis and evidence based clinical practice.  I welcome the opportunity to continue to increase our rich pool of clinicians and help them become equipped to do this amazing work!


I have taught at the University level for over two decades, and bring my educational expertise to the public.  My most recent work has been around attacking stigma in the mental health field, working with the suicide prevention program and the multicultural board in my community to effect change on a larger scale.  I have also worked with National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) and the National Council of Behavioral Health to educate laypeople to be aware of signs and symptoms and am trained as a Mental Health First Aid trainer through the Council.

Other areas of education and focus are around nutrition and mental health, parenting classes, Courses on mood disorders and Reactive Attachment disorder.


While I have a limited number of spaces available for weekly clients, I am available for assessment/evaulations and referrals.  Please contact me with questions and concerns for more information.

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