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Judith L Hanna, Psychotherapist

The journey we are on takes us in all different directions, testing us at every turn.  You don't have to do it alone!   

As a therapist I have been honored to hear people’s stories at various stops along their journey: observing, supporting, empathizing, listening and reflecting. Through my work with clients from all walks of life, I have witnessed the fragility of the human condition, and at the same time, the empowering strength and resiliency each individual can harness to adapt and survive the difficulties we all face.

Therapy, I believe, is not about “changing” one’s self, or making one into someone or something else.

Rather, it is about learning to live with intent.

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Judith Hanna received her Masters in Social Work from Loyola University in 2007 in their clinical mental health program, graduating with honors, and is currently training at the Chicago Jungian Institute enrolled in the Jungian Psychotherapy Program. 

She completed her practicum placement at the Fillmore Center, Community Care Options, Berwyn IL, from 2005-2007.  Upon completion of her degree, Ms. Hanna worked at Seasons Hospice, Des Plaines, IL,   as well as House Calls Counseling, Evanston, IL.  In 2008 she worked as a therapist and community support worker for Counseling Centers of Chicago (C4).  Most recently Ms. Hanna worked at Dr. Aimee and Associates in Bloomingdale, providing psychotherapy to  individuals, couples, families and groups.  Prior to that Ms. Hanna was on the clinical staff as a Behavioral Health Clinician and supervisor for Resurrection Health Care Services-Outpatient behavioral health (ProCare).  She has experience working with clients of all ages including children, adolescents, adults and older adults. As a therapist, she acts as a consultant  to other clinicians, providing weekly supervision and coaching towards their licensure.

Ms. Hanna brings a wealth of experience to her private practice. In addition to her work as a therapist, she has been a professional musician with a career spanning three decades.  Her accomplishments as a performer are a testament to her focus, passion, and discipline. Her success as a conductor demonstrates her ability to work as a leader among her peers. 

As a music professor at the university level, she came to understand that her students’ emotional stability, self-esteem and general welfare were far more important than whether they decided to pursue a career in music.  Her success as an educator is indicative of her  compassionate ability to assess her students’ capacities to learn. She brings that same skilled empathy to her therapeutic work with clients of all ages.

Ms. Hanna’s background as a first-generation American  informs her knowledge and understanding of the human condition. She is aware of and sensitive to cultural differences that can make it more challenging to assimilate into one’s society. For this reason she has a special interest in cross-cultural experiences.

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